Easy bolt-on installation;Increased ground clearance;Levels the front with the rear of the vehicle - Gain 3 inches in the front and 1.5-2 inches in the rear;Includes application valved N3 series shock absorbers which offer the best in balanced performance for on and off-road use.

Installation Time: 3-4 hours

Tire Info: 31x10.50R15:15x8:5x4.5:-19:-;31x10.50R16:16x8:5x4.5:-19:-;31x10.50R17:17x8:5x4.5:-19:-;31x10.50R18:18x8:5x4.5:-19:-;31x10.50R20:20x8:5x4.5:-19:-

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This all inclusive lift kit features everything you need to hit the ground running, with an exciting upgrade to our previous design. This kit now features our new Nitrogen charged N3 shocks with custom 10 stage variable valving. With this redesigned lift, you'll be paired up with the most versatile shocks on the market - balanced for performance on and off-road and custom tuned for this application. This lift also ships with a set of lifted coil springs, which help level the vehicle while providing enough clearance to run up to 31" tires. Standard, this kit ships with rear add-a-leaf springs, or upgrade to a full set of new, lifted leaf springs for $254 and bring new life into your rear suspension.

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