Easy bolt-on installation;Maintains factory ride quality;Increased ground clearance;Leaves a 1-inch rear rake for towing

Does NOT fit "TRX" models.;Does NOT fit models with factory air ride suspension.

Installation Time: 2 - 4 hours

Tire Info: 33x12.50R17:Factory 17:5x5.5:-:-;33x12.50R17:17x9:5x5.5:+0:-;33x12.50R17:17x9:5x5.5:+1:-;33x12.50R17:17x9:5x5.5:+18:-;33x12.50R17:17x9:5x5.5:+20:-;33x12.50R18:Factory 18:5x5.5:-:-;33x12.50R18:18x9:5x5.5:+0:-;33x12.50R18:18x9:5x5.5:+1:-;33x12.50R18:18x9:5x5.5:+18:-;33x12.50R18:18x9:5x5.5:+20:-;33x12.50R20:Factory 20:5x5.5:-:-;33x12.50R20:20x9:5x5.5:+0:-;33x12.50R20:20x9:5x5.5:+1:-;33x12.50R20:20x9:5x5.5:+18:-;33x12.50R20:20x9:5x5.5:+20:-

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Give your Dodge a semi-level look that's perfect for towing with Rough Country's 2.5-inch Leveling Lift Kit for 12-16 Ram 1500 trucks. Ram trucks come with a factory rake, leaving the rear much higher than the front. This simple solution raises the front and rear, keeping about 1-inch of rear rake. This slight rake is preferred by many who pull or tow and want the vehicle to look perfectly level when hauling large items.This easy-to-install solution maintains the factory ride quality and re-uses your factory coil spring. Made of A36 Steel, this durable front and rear spacer kit is prepared to withstand the elements with a corrosion resistant, protective black powder coat. This spacer kit allows enough ride height to run up to 33x12.50 tires, and is the easiest way to give your truck a level look when in tow.

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