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As part of the Work-Pro Series, Outlaw seat covers give you exactly what you asked for. You asked for tough, so we gave you a saddle blanket fabric made in North Carolina. It's a super tough, rugged, mean old bugger of a fabric rated a whopping 2500 denier!! You wanted practical, we use saddle blanket for the top seating surfaces and finish it off with automotive grade vinyl along the sides and rear of back rest so you can just wipe it clean. You said it had to be durable, well, that's all in the construction. That's why we use a bonded nylon Tex 45 thread for the top stitch and a Tex 70 for the bobbin. Good luck trying to wear them out!

  • SRT & Trailhawk
  • Adjustable Headrests
  • 1st- (LB-SRT) (h=2) Buckets

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