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K&N powersports chrome canister oil filters contain a modern synthetic filter media, designed for ultimate flow with less pressure drop, yet engineered for outstanding filtration. K&N powersports 'spin-on' oil filters feature a heavy-duty, chrome-plated metal can. Most of these have a 17 mm nut affixed onto the end that allows for easy removal. The 17 mm nut is crossed-drilled so racers can safety wire the filter to their bike.

Additional Information

Title K&N KN-173C Oil Filter
Product Style Oil Filters
Weight 1 lb (0.4 kg)
Finish Chrome
Height 5.969 in (152 mm)
Style Canister
Filter Material High Flow Premium Media
Outside Diameter 3 in (76 mm)
Gasket Material Nitrile Rubber
Anti Drain Back Valve Yes
Bypass Valve Yes
PSI Relief Valve Yes
Removal Nut Yes
Removal Nut Size 17 mm
Thread Specification 3/4 In. - 16 UNF
Package Material Paperboard
Package Type Box
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Prop 65 Yes/No No