Blunt-cut termination for easy splicing into existing wiring system;Long-lasting LED cooler light output for stairwells, footrest areas;Provides an LED upgrade to a commonly used incandescent product;LED provides cleaner, whiter light & identified trip hazards in stairwells

Material: Polycarbonate Lens, Steel Housing, Brass Housing;Finish: Chrome Plated;Color: White;Lens Color: Clear;Housing Color: Chrome;Amperage: .002A;Mounting Type: Snap-In;Connection Type: Blunt Cut;VMRS: 034-004-068;Diameter: 1.5";Style: Courtesy

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Grote's LED compact courtesy interior lights provide an upgrade to a commonly used incandescent product for stairwells and foot rest areas. These 12V, chrome-plated lamps provide cleaner, whiter light that help to identify trip hazards in stairwells.

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