360 degree adjustable spot mirror gives you a customized wide angle view; Perfect for vehicles with multiple drivers; Convenient stick-on application; Universal - Fits most cars and trucks; Reduces blind spots and increases safety when you are passing or changing lanes

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Avoid tricky blind spots when passing or changing lanes with CIPA's 3.75" convex adjustable HotSpot mirror. 360 degree adjustable spot mirror gives you customized wide angle viewing. Easily mounts to original factory mirror featuring convenient stick-on mounting. HotSpot mirrors may be placed anywhere you wish but are typically placed on the bottom outside corner of the original mirror. The desired placement varies from person to person. To find the placement that is right for you, start by placing a piece of folded tape on the back of the HotSpot and sticking it onto your OE mirror where you think you might want it. Then sit in your car and look through the HotSpot. Keep adjusting the placement until it suits your needs. Finally, remove the folded tape, peel the adhesive backing tape off the HotSpot and apply it permanently. Expand your Horizons

Additional Information

Title CIPA 49304 Round 3.75 Inch Adjustable Stick-On Convex HotSpot Mirror
Color Black
Size 3.75 - inch
Finish Textured
Category Finished Good
Universal Parts Yes