Adjustable extension Bar; Dual mounting clamps. Fits most mirror housings; Mounts directly to existing mirrors; Large adjustable mirror face; Provides superior vision around blind spots

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CIPA Universal steel bar towing Mirror Kit. This adjustable extendable mirror provides superior vision around blind spots. Fits most mirror housings. Adjustable dual clamp bar mounts directly to your existing mirror with 2 mounting adjustment screws and clamps provided in package. Features a large adjustable Flat glass mirror measuring 7.50 X 4.75. Mirror sold as single.

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Additional Information

Title CIPA 11980 Universal Bar Towing Mirror Kit
Position N/A
Color Black
Size 7.50 X 4.75
Finish N/A
Category Finished Good
GlassShape Flat Lens
Feature N/A
Foldaway N/A
Heat Feature N/A
Holes N/A
Pins N/A
Wires N/A
Universal Parts Yes