ProCaps, America's number one ABS Bedcaps, take bed rail protection to an entirely new level. The incredibly rugged structure and beautifully contoured OEM fit of ProCaps is unparalleled in the industry. Using up to 16 Feet of 3M adhesive tape per side rail, ProCaps require no drilling, making them the choice of installers. ProCaps are the highest quality, most accurate fitting Bedcaps in the world. They are made from 100 Percent UV protected CENTREX ABS and will last far longer than other aftermarket brands of Bedcaps. One thing that really makes ProCaps a better choice than all other brands is it's unique interior contour design. This patent pending feature ensures that ProCaps bed rail caps follow the trucks inner contours as well as the outer contours of the bed. There is absolutely no space between the ProCaps and the surface of your trucks rails. This ensures a better fit and eliminates airflow, which causes eventual breakdown of adhesive tapes on other brands of Bedcaps. Also, since ProCaps ensure a surface to surface fit anywhere along the inside edge of your trucks rails, clamping on accessories such as Tonneau Covers, rails or racks will not cause the ProCaps to flair outwards. ProCaps superior design promotes better longevity and cleaner, more reliable bed rail protection for your truck. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, ProCaps are trimmed with robotic CNC routers. This ensures unrivaled accuracy of stake pocket positioning and overall appearance. If you are looking for ultimate quality in Bedcaps, insist on ProCaps bed rail caps. They're the world's number one Bedcaps and Tailgate caps for good reason

  • Without Stake Hole Pockets
  • Centrex ABS Plastic

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