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The Enthuze Dual color LED fog light uses two sets of LED chips, you can change your fog light color temperature by simply turning on and off on your fog light switch. When you turn on the fog light, it always starts with white light (Default), when you turn off switch and then on again, it will change the color to the yellow light. Turn the switch off and back on it goes back to the white light.

  • *Anti-Flicker Decoder May Be Required
  • Output Power - 22W
  • Chip brand: TYANSHINE
  • Input Voltage - 9-16V DC
  • Operating Life - >30 000hrs
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Operating Voltage - 12V DC
  • Dual Color Changeable - White Light & Golden Yellow
  • Consult your owner's manual for bulb type and placement.

Additional Information

Color 6000K
Material Aluminum
Sold As Set of 2
Feature *Anti-Flicker Decoder May Be Required
Bulb Type 5202/2504
Lumens 3200