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Shield your vehicles floor from permanent stain and damage caused by messy accidents by using Enthuze floor mats. The specially designed floor mats feature ridged edges and raised lip that effectively trap mud, dust, snow and even liquid substances, impeding them from seeping underneath. The floor mats' eco-friendly, low density Polyethylene construction provides full flexibility that prevents them from losing shape so the floor mats are guaranteed to endure years of use and abuse.

  • Provides You The Best Fit For Your Vehicle
  • Eco-Friendly Low Density Polyethylene
  • Allows More Flexibility And Durability
  • Reinforced Edge Design Helps To Prevent Shape Loss
  • Raised Lip/Molded Outer Edge
  • Prevents Dirt/Spills From Going Under Floor Mat
  • Modern Style And Design

Additional Information

Position Rear
Color Black
Material Polyethylene
Style Molded